To Move is to Live

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Please accept my apologies for for the long absence. Life. So without further adieu here it is. People, we need to move in order to live. Sounds simple right? Well too many of us are not moving enough. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) states we, the average populace, should exercise “most days of the week for at least 30 mins” “Most” means 4 or more days.

Now this does not mean killing yourself with an intensity so high you’re exhausted after each session. Rather this means exercising at an intensity or pace that is slighty uncomfortable. What is “slightly uncomfortable”? Whether it’s aerobic or anaerobic (cardio or resistance workout) in nature, it should challenge you.

Here are some guidelines:
1) When doing cardio, follow the “talk/sing” rule meaning you’re able to talk but not sing.
2) When doing resistance training, keep your reps high; upper body 12-20, lower body 15-25
3) Physical limitations permiting, weight-bearing exercises, those done standing, are best for burning the most calories.
4) If you have to sit, or non weight-bearing exercises, for your cardio workout, make sure you push yourself. Too many times we start to talk and our intensity suffers.

You should also vary your workouts when:
1) It becomes routine or predictable.
2) It becomes monotonous.
3) Boredom sets in.

As a rule of thumb, allow 2 to 4 weeks before varying your workout. If workouts are varied too frequently, then the physical adaptation we’re after will not have a chance to occur. However, when ready, changing your walking/running route, the order of exercises or doing supersets with the same exercises, etc is enough to elicit a different physical response.

So to recap: exercise most days of the week, maintain your intensity and keep your workouts fresh with variety.


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