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If you want to exercise consistently at a high level you must get in your “beauty sleep” A lot of us burn the candle at both ends. Young people do this by staying out late, hanging with friends, etc.

Older folks do this by staying up late watching their favorite baseball team JUST SWEEP A TEAM IN CHICAGO…Sorry; got carried away with ALL THE EXCITEMENT!!

Ahem..anyway, sleep is vital in the recuperation process. When we reach the “slow wave sleep” or R.E.M. (rapid eye movement) two stages during sleep, we allow our bodies to recover from bouts of exercise and everyday living.

According to Dr. Lindlahr, a famous naturopath, the two hours before and the two hours after midnight are the four most important hours when it comes to recuperation.

Recuperation occurs at several levels. Provided we’ve been feeding our bodies the proper nutrients, our recovery will be more complete.

I could write a book about sleep and its many benefits but I believe you get the picture. We adults need between six to nine hours. The aged need between five to seven.

Need to get some sleep now…it’s past my bedtime. Night night…don’t let the bed…


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