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Before I begin, let me apologize for my absence from this page. My wife Sue, had been battling ovarian cancer last year and finally was given a “clean as a whistle” bill of health. Her mother Joan, passed on several years ago due to this insidious desease. At the present, there is no known early detection test only a blood marker called CA-125, which be 21 or under. (Sue’s was 233!!) So ladies, PLEASE do not forgo your annual OB/GYN and if you are experiencing any unusual symptoms, then make an appointment sooner, don”t hesitate. We were on a vacation when Sue started to experience bloating, gas and constipation. Upon returning home, she immediately went to her GYN on a thursday who recommended a MRI, done that sunday. Tuesday she saw an GYN/Oncologist who immediately scheduled her for surgery. Dr Eva Chalas, and avid cross fitter and who practices here on long island, ny, is a life saver!
Now to my post. Sue is finally feeling strong enough to do a full workout with little fatigue. Dr Chalas said whatever is tolerable then do without overdoing it at the beginning. I have her doing a series of exercises using the major muscle groups. For instances; bodyweight squats, smith bench press, pulldowns, stability ball crunches, two cycles. Then leg press, incline DB press, DB rows, exercise tubing twists, again two cycles. These basic routines, which I do vary, are done twice a week. She does the elliptical trainer 4-5 days per week, 30-40 mins. Heart rate does not exceed 70% of max HR.
As I trainer, I push all my clients into realms of fitness they thought were unachievable. However having experience what we went through as a couple, I have a new found respect not only the medical community but for life, especially one that involves being fit. You see, being fit is no guaranty one will not come down with a dreaded disease. It will however, give us a stronger immune system to tolerate whatever drug regimen the doctors prescribe and noticeably less muscle loss. All through chemo, which was once weekly for 14 weeks, not once did she “upchuck” The only symptom was tiredness. And of course, hair loss that started 3 weeks into. (I then buzzed her and she looked as beautiful as ever)
My final thought: remember to stay healthy with daily exercise activities and by eating a balanced diet full of natural nutrients. And if, God forbid, you come down with any desease, make sure to ask your doctor concerning continuing your exercise regimen.


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