Weight loss vs Fat loss; is there a difference?

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Is there a difference between losing weight vs losing fat? And the answer is unequivocally and emphatic YES!!!
Most women and a few men who want to lose weight are interested in being smaller, meaning they want to fit into smaller size clothing; be this a work suit, evening wear or weekend outfit.
First we have to distinguish between weight vs fat loss. Weight loss is when we step on the scale and see a change in our OVERALL weight. Fat loss is when we lose fat while retaining or even increasing our muscle SIZE or DENSITY. This is known as the muscle to fat ratio. Btw; muscle size refers to an increase in circumference or measurement. Muscle density refers to thickness of the muscle from within. Here is an overview as to how many reps to “build” muscle.
1-3 reps – Pure strength & definition
4-6 reps – Mostly strength & definition with little gains in size
7-10 reps – Mostly size with little gains in strength & density
11-15 reps – Pure size
Therefore you have to determine your goals and objective. Look at those numbers listed; what is it exactly you want to achieve?
If you are orthopedically healthy, then there is a vast array of exercises you can pick from. If not, then choose wisely and you can still exercise at a high level.
Remember this: when it comes to your anaerobic workout, YOU NEED TO PICK A RESISTANCE OR WEIGHT THAT IS APPROPRIATE FOR THE AMOUNT OF REPS YOU WILL BE PERFORMING. In other words pick a resistance or weight that will be challenging enough to complete your reps in GOOD FORM.
As far as your aerobic or cardio phase, make it challenging, 20-30 mins/2-3 days per week. If at all possible, take it outside; run backwards, sideways from both sides, skip, use uneven terrain, preferably in a hiking type trail, etc. This way of training will allow you to work in not only a saggital plane (front and back) but frontal (sideways) as well. And by running backwards, you will stress the posterior chain as well.
Lastly, proper nutrition will allow you to achieve your goals quickly and safely.
Let me know how you make out.


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