Do you have goals?

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In my last post I wrote about where to start. This is a follow-up post dealing with, “now that you’ve begun”

I always remind my clients, “never lose sight of  your goals and objectives when you exercise” and these can and do change with time. What-da-you-mean? We should have short, medium and long range goals. A short range goal can be as simple as losing 1 lb or exercising twice this week.  A medium range goal could be to lose 4 to 6 lbs or exercising 8 to 10 times a month for the next two months. A longe range goal could be to lose  30 lbs. within six months.

As you can see,  we need short and medium range goals in order to achieve our our long term goals and objectives. There’s a chinese proverb that states, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the one step”  We have to start somewhere, then build from there.

As I stated earlier sometimes your goals may change and oftentimes do. Here’s an example; say your goal is to fit into a dress (or suit) you haven’t worn in a year; but in order to do this you have to lose 25 lbs. You get to your goal only to realize, “I want a different dress (or suit)”  So even though you started with a specific goal in mind, the dress (or suit), you still achieved weight loss. You see, the weight loss was a means to an end but in the end you really, really look good. This is a perfect time to go out and reward yourself for the hard-won battle.

(These goals, however, have got to be realistic. A man in his fifties, with arthritic knees, comes to me wanting to run a 5 min mile or another who’s forty nine, with a bad back, wants to bench press 315 lbs. Are these realistic goals for the above-mentioned? Mmm, probably not)

I have had clients tell me, “Lou, my son or daughter is getting married and I NEED to look awesome for their wedding”  or, “my 20th high school reunion is coming up, could you help me?” They put in the work, eat right and presto!, they look GOOD!! Nothing wrong with wanting  to look good for an event.

Here’s the problem; since the event was the only goal, their enthusiasm begins to wane and soon after they stop exercising. This is why we need multiple fitness goals throughout our lives. Lets face it; its tough to stay motivated as we age. We need to stay active though. A teacher of mine had a saying, “to move is to live” She was a tennis coach in her sixties. Inspirational for sure.

A man once asked his father how could he motivate a person. His father replied, “find out out what they want and offer it to them” It really comes from within. What is it that drives you? What do you want to achieve? What makes YOU tick? If you can answer these questions then you’re well on your way to having a fit and healthy lifestyle.


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